The Best [human] Mesh Avatar.

[last updated 04-30-2017]

The Story So Far …

The Second Life Avatar (Avi) was and will be somehow your virtual self, a projection of our own mind in the digital world. The Avi can be customized to your own taste, the Appearance window  has sliders so you can reshape the head, the nose, the mouth, the legs… however, certain areas like the hands, the feet and the stomach are plain low quality.

The [Human] Mesh Avatars

Somewhere over the sun
Somewhere over the sun

The mesh avatars (or body parts) do not have the limitations of the SL Avi, but they have another problem; they do not respond to all of the sliders of the SL Appearance.

We have “tested” (it is valid for us, maybe useful to you) some of the available mesh bodies under different conditions (shadows, flat, materials, …).

  • The Best Mesh Avatar (Performance-Wise)

The Mesh Project (Free – 5000L) is the best mesh avatar (men/women) period. We’ve measured the FPS count on several situations, animations and sims, and we can state that this body it’s the best. “The Mesh Project” loads faster in the viewer, … moreover, the skins and the overall quality of the body is on top of the line. As a drawback, it is not compatible with the SecondLife standard “things” (UVs)

  • The Best Mesh Avatar (Price + Customization)

The Maitreya Lara Mesh Body (2700L) is the best if we think in customization, clothes, compatible mesh heads, and a really good performance in the Viewer. This body is really fast in the Viewer, and we get a body that has several designers making skins, clothes and appliers for this body. Recently there are several groups and events giving gifts for this body.

  • The Best Mesh Avatar (Price + Overall Options)

EveThe Eve (Adam) Mesh Body (1600L – 3500L) is the best if we think in a very good looking body at a very low price, but this body includes (available in the store) free clothes, shapes, and shoes too. The body is compatible with standard clothes, and shoes, moreover you can buy an optional HUD for saving “things”, or you can get the optional feet to wear slink shoes. This body it’s a complete solution that you can buy piece by piece accordingly to your budget.

We hope that this post has been helpful to you.* that’s all for tonight.

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