Your Residual Self

(last updated 04-30-2017)

Enhancing your Avatar (Avi)

An afternoon trip with
An afternoon trip with

You’re in… and now you wanna get a better Avatar. There are so many options to enhance your avatar in-world and through the Marketplace too, however you must choose wisely which “system” you will use.

To Mesh or Not To Mesh… that’s the question

Mesh items (Mesh Avatars included) are amazing, but to get the most out of it, your graphics card must support Transparent Water, Bump Maps & Advanced Lightning Model (Preferences Window [Ctrl+P]).

FPS & Avatar Maximum Complexity

The Frames per Second (FPS) are used as a basis performance measurement of an item (mesh body, mesh head, …). Hit <Ctrl+Shift+1> to show the statistic window in the Viewer, then look for the FPS count, higher numbers are better.

The Avatar Maximum Complexity it’s a new feature in SecondLife that tells to the The Viewer to not-draw  avatars that are just “too complex”… Jelly Beans.

Enhancing for Free

Suggested Stores & Systems

We have tested out the following products and stores. The products are high quality and renderables on a consumer PC.

  • Humans

Maitreya Mesh Body, Belleza Mesh Body, TheMeshProject, Slink System, Lelutka, Catwa, EveOlution

  • Anime

Avatar 2.0, Venus M3 Head

  • Furries


  • Robot

Rikugou, NeuroLab

  • Skins

Pink Fuel, Belleza Skins.

  • Appliers

Merivale, Alaskametro, …

  • Animations

Vista Overrider, TuTys 

We’re not making an extensive list of quality stores, and remember to test each product (demo). We hope this post has helped you. * Ah, that’s all for tonight.

Links, Videos & Tutorials

SecondLife desde cero es

Avatar Physics




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