Second-Life "Telrunia Sim"

Starting Up

last update (04-30-2017)

In this post we want to start from the very beginning, that is, writing about The Viewer and the Second Life World itself. So, let’s go…

Second Life

Second-Life "Telrunia Sim"
Second-Life “Location: Telrunya”

Second Life is an amazing virtual world, inside you will find many “things” ranging from troubles to friends and personal development. What you get from SecondLife is up to you!. Nowadays, many people goes into SecondLife to;

** Becoma a Creator

** Have an adventure

  • Socialize & Romance
  • Exploring virtual worlds, Dancing & Role Play
  • Organize events, and so on

** Earn Money

** Have Fun

  • Just have fun…

What you get from SecondLife is up to you!. It is an amazing experience, find people who shares the same passions like you. But, try to keep your real identity safe.

More information …

[] en

[] en

[] es

[] en

Setting Up The Viewer

The Viewer is the software (application) that connects to the Virtual World of Second-Life and displays the “thing” on your computer. The SecondLife Viewer  can run on old hardware too, however the newest (and fantastic) features will be unavailable.

We suggest the use of The Official SecondLife Viewer and worth mentioning The Catznip Viewer (that is a featured Viewer too). (see the full list of viewers here).

The Viewer (Configuration)

If you are on a modern consumer PC, we suggest the following “basis” configuration (you can change these values at any time). Hit <Ctrl+P> to show the Preferences Window.

  • Draw Distance = 128m. [This is how far you’re able to see.]
  • Transparent Water (off). [Self explanatory.]
  • Bump Map (off).
  • Advanced Lightning Model (off).
  • Shadows (none). [Self explanatory.]
  • Texture Memory = 256MB

See the following links to better understand The Viewer.


* As the technology is advancing at a fast pace, Virtual places like Second-Life (and many others) becomes more like just another “place”. Just as you go to see a movie or perhaps to the beach… you can go to a virtual place and have fun, or just enjoy the landscape. Some specialist suggests that in ten years the line between the real world and virtual worlds will be so blurry that we can’t just imagine the possibilities and opportunities.


This blog is about Second-Life & Virtual Life, so we has started from the very beginning… the viewer. We hope that our post has helped someone, ah now.. well. that’s all for today!



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